Professional sample storage

BioCytics’ BioBank was initially established to house matched pairs of tumor cells with immune cell fractions to support our translational research aimed at developing autologous adoptive cell therapies. Over the years and due to industry and patient interest, our biobank additionally aims to serve the research community and patients alike. Our quality measures taken when cryopreserving biospecimens enables data reliability for industry’s new scientific discoveries, as well as providing patients the ability to contribute to research and broaden their trial matching options.

BioBanking for Industry

Whether you need to increase your short- or long-term inventory storage footprint, or you need to procure select cancer BioSpecimen samples to advance your translational research needs, we are here support your mission.

BioBanking for Patients

Whether you are a recently diagnosed cancer patient, have loved ones with cancer, or want to better understand what drives your tumor and what potential personalized medicine options you or your loved ones may have, we are here to support your needs.

Biospecimen Sourcing

BioCytics is well known for sourcing quality BioSpecimens under an IRB approved clinical trial. Our experienced team of coordinators are here to help you procure in-stock or custom BioSpecimens with extensive clinical annotations for your research needs.​