Quality Process & Assay Development

Our infrastructure provides the resources for developing IND-enabling processes and assays to help optimize your preclinical product and bring it to market faster.​ BioCytics can provide you with personal interaction with our scientific team, to develop the R&D assays and processes that you need.

Our dedicated scientists are available for your Research and Development processes or validation for scientific projects. Our state-of-the-art facility allow us to cover your needs from small, custom R&D assay development, to full scale cell manufacturing processes. We are specialized in immuno-assays and analysis of immune function, in response to environmental modifications.​​

Contact us to design your own custom research process with our dedicated team of clinical and research specialists.

The video above shows Kinetics of Tumor Infiltrating Immune Cells (TIIC) from a BioCytics 0001 lung metastasis surgical resection. Re-invigorated TIIC grown in culture for 2 weeks, resulting complete eradication of autologous tumor by 80 hours in co-culture.