Banking your cells can occur at any time and are yours to use at your discretion. Our team of coordinators, clinicians, and scientists are here to help execute any testing desired and discuss more in detail your options through our executive medicine services.

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Banking Cells for Future Use

BioCytics specializes in storing your immune and tumor cells, so they remain in the best viable conditions when you need them most. Personalized medicine starts with the understanding that no cancer types are the same. All tumors are unique and must be treated as such.

Benefits of banking your cells include:

  • Learn how your tumor grows
  • Learn how your tumor evades your immune system
  • Learn how your immune cells mount an immune response against your tumor
  • Learn what mutations drive your tumor
  • Learn if your tumor is acquired vs genetic
  • Learn what cutting edge research clinical trials you would most benefit from based on your tumor mutational markers
  • Learn more about possible personalized innovative immunotherapeutic treatments