From Concept to Clinic

An internally sponsored IRB-approved observational clinical trial (BioCytics 0001) allows BioCytics clinical research staff to collect healthy donor and patient material for downstream laboratory Research Use Only (RUO). Quality control is performed and maintained for all collected biospecimens to keep the integrity and quality of each collection. All specimens are collected retrospectively or could be collected and shipped same day per request. Samples may also be accompanied by de-identified medical data, pathological report, and an NGS, if available, if needed. Please see our project-driven biobanking link to learn about what type of samples are offered.

HAL processing specialists employ both manual and automated controlled-rate freezing processes to ensure the proper preservation of biospecimens. In addition to extensive cryostorage space, specialists can also thaw both microtubes and bagged specimens using a best-in-class controlled-rate thawing device.​

IV bag


BioCytics apheresis products (LkP) are non-mobilized and can be sourced to fit your research needs.

BioCytics Urinalysis

Whole Blood

BioCytics whole blood products provide your laboratory with the flexibility to process cells according to your needs.


BioCytics PBMCs are processed on the day of collection to ensure a viable product ready for processing in your lab.

Immune Cells

BioCytics Immune Cells are isolated from non-mobilized Leukapheresis products and negatively selected to leave your cells untagged and ready for processing.



Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) are tumor cells released from the primary tumor into the blood stream, that are notoriously difficult to identify, isolate and expand.

Petri dish

Tumor Matched Pairs

Custom immune cells/cancer cells matched pairs from patients with advanced solid tumor malignancies to further advance your potency research