Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The mission of our Postdoctoral Fellowship is to train promising scientists in translational cancer research that can be applied from concept to clinic. Our Tumor Immunology Postdoctoral Fellowship offers scientists the opportunity to perform applicable, cutting-edge research using primary patient immune and tumor biosamples using our suite of state-of-the-art instruments. Standard Postdoctoral appointments are 2.5 years with opportunities for merit-based raises and transition into HAL leadership positions.​

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Clinical and Laboratory Shadowing

CBOI and HAL are happy to offer local students and prospective employees the opportunity to schedule shadowing sessions in both clinical and translational research departments.​

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Undergraduate Summer Internship in Immunotherapy

Motivated rising junior and senior undergraduates are encouraged to apply for this program which teaches the fundamental principles of tumor immunology through didactic lectures, technical training, and completion of a mentored translational research project. Students will also rotate through other departments within the Clinic, engage with guest speakers from academia and industry, and complete a manuscript-style final report. Preference is given to upperclassmen undergraduates attending college or university in the Carolinas and majoring in STEM disciplines including, but not limited to biology, chemistry, biomedical engineering, and genetics.​

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During my summer 2019 internship at CBOI, I was given the unique opportunity to both participate directly in biomedical research and experience patient care. Under the direct mentorship of a passionate and diverse team of researchers, my internship team was able to design and perform a research project using state-of-the-art cell therapy techniques and instruments. Shadowing Dr. Powderly and his staff, I was able to observe first-hand the processes involved in running a phase I cancer clinical trial.

Christopher Wu, BS, Graduate Research Employment Program - Mayo Clinic

I spent a month at CBOI during my 4th year clinical rotations while in pharmacy school at Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, and it was the perfect blend of both of my graduate level degrees! I was able to use my pharmacy knowledge in interdisciplinary direct patient care activities alongside Dr. Powderly, the PAs, and the nurses during conversations with patients, as well as in the IV room preparing investigational products alongside pharmacy technicians. I was also able to utilize my clinical research skillset in discussions with study coordinators regarding topics such as patient recruitment, informed consent procedures, and data collection updates. The employees at CBOI are not only excellent in providing optimal patient care, but they also care deeply about education and the training of future healthcare professionals and researchers.

Diana Charles, PharmD, MSCR, Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center

As an intern fresh out of college, the entire CBI staff was approachable, encouraging, and immediately supportive of my immersion into the complex world of clinical research. I was given numerous opportunities to expand my skill set, and as my experience grew these included opportunities to gain more autonomy through professional promotion. This unique clinical experience not only set me apart during interviews, but it also provided a reservoir of knowledge that I continue to pull from in my education as a future healthcare provider. It was an honor and a privilege to serve such an inspiring patient population alongside Dr. Powderly’s knowledgeable, dedicated team.

Elizabeth Mappus, BS, MS, Physician Assistant Studies - Wake Forest University

It was an absolute privilege to complete my Career Skills Program internship at CBOI during the Spring of 2022. The Human Applications Laboratory team has developed a very thorough training curriculum that emphasizes industry standards and hands-on experience. Working with a diverse team of immunologists, clinical researchers, biomedical engineers, scientists, and doctors, I was able to gain a well-rounded understanding of the many specialties available at CBOI. I participated in multiple projects while receiving one-on-one instruction on the latest techniques and systems in a state-of-the-art laboratory setting and concluded the internship with an independent research project under the mentorship of the HAL team. This was an incredible experience that laid a strong foundation for a lifelong career in research! I truly can’t thank the team here enough for their dedication and for sharing their expertise with me throughout the program.

Amber Foust, B.S., 1st Lieutenant, U.S. Army

I was given a great opportunity to do my internship at CBOI in the Spring of 2022, after over a year of looking and waiting for a good work-based learning match, for which I’m glad I did. My internship was hosted in the Human Applications Laboratory and my 12-week experience was nothing short of greatness. I was able to observe and work with such a knowledgeable and dedicated team whose role is to provide excellent service, and whose goal is to produce highest quality products. By shadowing professionals, who truly cared for their work and offered a great opportunity to gather observations and ask questions, have helped expand my knowledge in cancer and immunology. My last day was the most memorable in which staff members from different departments, including Dr. Powderly himself, showed support during my presentation which meant the world to me. I will always be grateful for the opportunity, the time spent, the encouragement, and the education I received while at CBOI.

May Opolentisima, A.A.S. Biotechnology