State of the Art BioBank

Our robust biobank consists of diverse biospecimens from individuals consented on an IRB approved clinical trial. Our state-of-the-art facility accounts with a 24-hour emergency back-up generator and 21CFR11 compliant Rees Scientific environmental monitoring system. Our HAL team has expertise in downstream processing, controlled-rate freezing techniques, and ensuring sample integrity. We are known for our efficiency in complex or custom biospecimen collection projects, extensive clinical annotations, as well as data and quality management.

Please note that all biospecimen information is de-identified and is kept confidential for the privacy of our patients. Recipients will not attempt to obtain or otherwise acquire any PHI or attempt to identify a donor by using the redacted information contained in the data. The recipient will not attempt to identify the donor, either directly or indirectly, or contact or seek the donor, or living relative of a donor, to whom the material or data relates.