Contract Development Manufacturing

Our Contract Development Manufacturing Organization offers a range of services to support your pre-clinical and early phase cellular immunotherapy development. CBOI collaborates with strategic partners who share our mission and help advance cancer therapies by implementing new strategies and systems. We assure that quality is built into the design and at every step within the manufacturing process, ensuring each product meets its release criteria through upscaling. Our CDMO Offerings are divided into Process and Assay Development and cGMP Manufacturing. Our CDMO offerings can be complemented by our other services such as Clinical Lab Diagnostics and BioSpecimen Sourcing.

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Process and Assay Development

HAL staff are competent in multiple primary patient sample processing techniques and are qualified to help you develop the optimal protocol for enriching, culturing, and assessing your preclinical cell therapy product. Let us help you test and validate an end-to-end solution for your sourcing, manufacturing, and CQA assessment needs.

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cGMP Manufacturing

BioCytics’s facilities, specialist staff, and diverse selection of user-configurable platforms are designed to address the needs of early Phase I Cell and Gene Therapy (CAGT) sponsors. Our point of care model enables the potential for apheresis for sample collection, cell processing, and patient infusion all under one roof.